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Learn how I received $500,000 in scholarships from my top universities

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes. I was a first-generation college applicant and I knew I needed to get scholarship money to go to the university of my dreams. 

I searched high and low to find the resources that would teach me how to get into my top schools and get a full-ride to college. Most people just said, "do extracurriculars and get good grades and you'll be fine". But I knew there had to be more to the process, since only a small percentage of students were getting scholarships to college. 

I took the time to figure out the college admissions process and as a result, I was awarded three full-ride scholarships to my top college choices. My parents saved thousands on out-of-pocket expenses. And I am now a student at my top-choice university, USC.

The strategies have worked for not only me, but hundreds of other students. I have mentored students and watched them get acceptances to some of the top schools in the country and receive money to go to college for free. Just as it worked for myself and my students, this could be you or your student's reality.

. I want to show you the strategies I used to receive thousands to attend college in my free live training.

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Master the strategies I used that saved my parents $200,000 in out-of-pocket tuition expenses.

Student Stories


Meet Esther

With the help Joi Wade’s first book “You Got Into Where?” I was able to create a college list that best suits my major. Joi’s tips on creating the perfect essay and advancing my SAT skills, has helped me excel and put me at the forefront of the college admissions process. I have been accepted to 17 universities so far, however I will be attending the wonderful University of Miami. Like Joi, I was also nominated for the full tuition Hammond Scholarship, and I will be using her book to help me prepare for the interview. Thanks Joi! 


Meet Paige

When I found your Youtube channel and listened to your advice on college admissions and got to follow your journey of your application process, and acceptances, and scholarships, all leading up to USC, I took all that you offered in and I cannot express how much it has helped me. Thanks to this, just last week I found out that I have been offered a full ride to Penn State! I had imagined that I would receive some type of scholarship but never in a million years believed it would cover everything. That moment of relief I felt as I read my letter and cried is probably one of the greatest feelings ever.


Meet Sara

Joi is an incredible and talented person. I've had the privilege of having her as my tutor for the ACT. She was very patient and flexible with my schedule and designed a plan to help me succeed. I'm extremely grateful and blessed. She helped me reach my goal score and I improved by 5 points! Thanks to her I'm in the range for many of the colleges I'm applying to!


Meet Trent

My session with Joi was very helpful, she helped me understand how the ACT test worked and provided me with many resources to help me study as well as worked with me through troubling areas. After just one session with Joi, my ACT score increased by three points!

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When I applied to college, I received over $500,000 in scholarship offers from universities across the country including: University of Southern California, New York University, Northwestern and more. 

I am here to share with you all of the techniques, tips and tricks you'll need to find college admissions success--from freshman year all the way to graduation. I am excited to show you how to master your SAT and ACT exams, slay your college essays and impress admissions officers and scholarship judges.

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Here's how you can receive thousands to attend your dream school

Watch The Full-Ride Recipe: the tell-all webinar where I share the formula I used to receive 3-full ride scholarships to the University of Southern California, New York University and the University of Miami.