"You Got Into Where?" breaks down the strategies I used to receive full-tuition scholarships to schools like the University of Southern California, New York University and the University of Miami.

The guide features copies of my admissions essay, my writing supplement, and activities resume that I used to apply to college the fall of my senior year. Get advice on all the secrets of the admissions process from start to finish.

  • Effectively Search for Colleges that Match You

  • Apply and Get Accepted to Your Dream Colleges

  • Receive Financial Aid and Academic Scholarships


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You Got Into Where? is a great primer on the college admissions process from start to finish. Joi Wade’s suggestions on how to choose colleges that fit the applicant and reaching out to current students to learn about life on campus get an A+ in our book.
— The Princeton Review

What You'll Learn

These resources were created to show parents and students how to...

Increase their admission and scholarship chances to their top choice universities

Search for universities that match their academic, social and financial needs

Figure out which classes to take during high school to increase their admissions chances

Replicate the strategies I used to receive $500,000 in scholarship offers


Who Should Read You Got Into Where?

This book and work book bundle was created for parents and students who...

Want an outlined, step-by-step process for the college admissions journey from 9th-12th grade 

Need the strategies that high-achieving students use to receive thousands in scholarship money

Desire a system to keep their student on track and organized with academics, extracurriculars, essays and applications

Are ready to stop searching everywhere for college admissions advice and have everything they need in their toolbox

I can’t believe that a 17 year old has written a college admissions books that is so well-written, clear and accurate. Given what she says and how she says it, I truly believe that teens will rush to read “You Got Into Where?” It is well worth their time.
— Majorie Hansen Shaevitz, Author, Admission Impossible

Look Inside

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The Book 

A 116-page start-to-finish guide for receiving admission and scholarships to universities

1: Getting Ready Courses to Take, Grades and GPA, Class Rank, Extracurriculars

2: Exams, Exams, Exams SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP Exams, Studying, Sending Scores

 3: College Search Developing a College List, College Visits

4: Relationships with Colleges Your Admissions Counselor, Demonstrating Interest

5: Preparing for Applications Activities Resume, Recommendations, Brainstorming Essays, Admissions Hooks

6: Application Time Types of Applications, When to Apply, Application Components, Interviews

7: Essays and Supplements 10 Steps to a Successful Admissions Essay, Recycling Essays, Answering Supplement Questions

8: Financial Aid & Scholarships FAFSA, CSS Profile, Appealing Financial Aid, Institutional and Outside Scholarships, Scholarship Interviews, Scholarship Essays

9: Making the Final Choice Acceptances, Denials, Waitlists, Deferrals, Factors to Consider

*The guide also includes copies of my activities resume, common app essay, and supplemental essays.


The Workbook

A 80-page workbook featuring interactive worksheets to organize your college admission process. Worksheets include:

-college search profiles for up to 12 college
-college essay planning (prompts, brainstorming, drafts)
-admissions resource list
-yearly high school checklist
-academic tracking pages for your coursework, GPA, class rank
-extracurriculars and accomplishment log
-teacher recommendation planning
-financial aid and scholarship organization

I just received my copy of YGIW? and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by Joi’s detailed guide on how to get the most out of the college application process. Her authenticity and professionalism is clear to see and I believe that purchasing this book can only be to you or your child’s benefit. she provides a fresh and genuine look on the modern college and scholarship process that cannot be restricted in some kind of formula. I highly recommend this for any upcoming senior who is a little worried about the seemingly daunting rite of passage that is applying to college.
— Nahlah

About the Author

Joi Wade is a college admissions coach and author of “You Got Into Where?: How I received Admission and Scholarships to the Nation’s Top Universities.” She helps ambitious high school students channel their academic and extracurricular success into college admission and scholarships. After over $500,000 in scholarship offers and coach for thousands of high school students, Joi currently is creating useful resources for high school students interested in going to college at yougotintowhere.com. In addition to her YouTube channel of over 67,000 subscribers, she is also a student at the University of Southern California. Find Joi on Twitter and Instagram @yougotintowhere.


This was a fabulous book that I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about the college process or a student who is currently going through it now. I am currently a student going into my sophomore year and even though I am not currently applying to colleges right now, I thought that this book applies to everyone who is thinking about going to college in the future. I am so grateful that Joi took the time out of her busy schedule to be able to write and publish this informative book. This book will help out thousands of students who are looking for a guide through the intense college process.
— Soymt
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