I'm Joi Wade.

The founder and author of You Got Into Where?


I help high school students take charge of their college admissions process so they can get acceptances and get scholarships.


The Blog

The You Got Into Where? blog is a gold mine filled with information on academics, social life, clubs, applications and more. Every post is written by a current high school or college student. We have over 40+ contributors. Check it out...


Wouldn't it be great to have instant access to customizable business card templates, workbooks, and even a printable planner for your business? I thought so, too, so I created The Library. Learn more...


I spent 6-months creating "Admission Fruition" a course that breaks e v e r y t h i n g down about the college admissions process from freshman to senior year of high school. Browse the courses...


As an ambitious high school student, you can't master all of the admissions process alone. These live, informal weekly webinars - YGITWchats - cover pertinent topics within the process and are full of actionable tips for your high school career. Join a Webinar...

The Newsletter

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Admissions Advising and Tutoring

Working with a admissions advisor and tutor was one of the best moves I made when I was applying to college. I have worked with dozens of students to streamline their admissions goals and improve their test scores. Take a look at my one-on-one services...


My Bio

Joi Wade is the Author of You Got Into Where?: How I Received Admission and Scholarships to the Nation's Top Universities.

Joi completed the college process in 2016 and was awarded 3 full tuition scholarships to the University of Southern California, New York University, and the University of Miami. She was also admitted to other prestigious universities like Northwestern University.

Joi has experience tutoring students on the ACT exam, advising college essays, and mentoring high school students who wish to attend their dream universities.

She also shares college admissions advice on her YouTube channel which has over 2 million channel video views.

After she published her first book at the age of 17, she created the You Got Into Where? Blog and online community for high school students. The blog is 100% ran by high school and college student contributors who wish to aid their peers in the college process.

Joi hopes that the blog will help you gain admission and scholarships to your top colleges.