The casual and friendly nature and language of the emails that made it more fun to read and more relatable! It’s a break from all the constant seriousness when it comes to college and The Future...

Are you a student who is...

Sick of applying for tons of scholarships and not winning any $$

New to the scholarship process and have no idea where to begin

Confused and lost when it comes to knowing where to find scholarships and how to fill out applications?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Scholarship Bootcamp is the perfect resource for you.


What will you learn in the Bootcamp?

Lesson 1: Determining how much scholarship money you need

Lesson 2: Making your scholarship portfolio

Lesson 3: Scheduling time to search and apply for scholarships

Lesson 4: Where to search for scholarships

Lesson 5: Filling out your scholarship applications

All coming straight to you inbox!

My favorite part was Lesson 2: “Making Your Scholarship Portfolio”. Although I consider myself to be a hard working and balanced student, I often become overwhelmed with trying to apply for many scholarships and somewhat become unorganized. ‘Seeing the components of making an effective scholarship portfolio was extremely helpful and critical at this time.
I loved how the whole course managed to fit in bucket loads of amazing info into just 6 emails!!!