Three Ways to Reduce the Stress of Classes


“Without struggle, there is no progress.”-Unknown

We’ve all been there. The one class that you just can’t seem to understand. No matter how much you study for the class, the best grade you might get is a C. Any math class I took, I struggled. It wasn’t that I wasn’t paying attention or didn’t understand the material, there was just something that I couldn’t wrap my head around that prevented me from being as successful as I wanted to be. However, throughout my struggle, I have found ways that have helped me achieve much more than I could if I hadn’t followed these tips. Here are three ways to help you in the class you are struggling in.

1. Attend your class and Get to know your Instructor.

Even though this might seem obvious, I know I’ve skipped a class that I couldn’t stand because I couldn’t understand what was going on in class. But to earn those good grades, you need to attend not just the classes you struggle in, but all of your classes. In class, you have a chance to learn the material better than just reading from the textbook. Often, teachers or professors will add individual notes to emphasize an idea while working with the textbook, which you might miss if you don’t attend class. Participating and listening to lectures also help you understand the material much better than reading in the textbook. In addition to learning exponentially better, going to class allows you to learn about your teacher. Teachers have their own systems and expectations in their class and getting to know what they want would save you one or two points. You have no idea how many times I’ve missed points because I didn’t format things the way my teacher likes. Even if it might not be correct, following what your professors want will help your grade.


2. Let your Instructor know you’re struggling.

If you’re struggling and looking for some extra help in class, don’t overlook the resources that are right in front of you. Teachers are the best resource if you require help. They teach the material so they have background knowledge and they are there to help you. Teachers need to know if you are struggling because they can help you get back on track. Coming after school or during a free period/study hall is a great time to get some extra help; as long as you don’t get help when it’s too late. Trying to get help late is not only frustrating to the teacher, but it wouldn’t benefit you because teachers won’t be able to go in depth in the topics you are struggling with. So let your teachers know early that you need help and set up a time that works for the both of you so you can succeed in your class.

3. Study!!!

Earlier, I said that studying is sometimes a hassle when it doesn’t seem to help you understand the material. However, when you follow the steps above, studying can help you achieve the highest possible grade. Sometimes developing a study habit is all that you need in order to succeed. Personally, I like to spend at least an hour a day to look over the new material that I have learned from the school day in order to make sure that I understand the material. Studying early on and as much as possible allows for you to feel less stressed out and gives you more time to learn the material. Finding an area you know you won’t be distracted is a way to maximize your learning. And if you need to study with a group, do not be afraid to form a study group because you probably aren’t the only one struggling with a class. However, make sure that it isn’t a social event (like all my study groups) and that you actually get your work done.

I hope these tips will help you out this upcoming year. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions. And as always make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.