How to Find the Perfect School During Your College Search


If you just started your school search, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many schools with amazing academics, but how do you know that it's the right fit for you personally? Most people look at the school’s website for information on campus life; however, that can be a bit biased at times. Here are some alternative ways to make sure that you are finding the school that fits you.

YouTube the Right Fit

One effective way of finding the right fit school is to look up YouTubers who go to the select school. If the school is popular enough, it may have people who attend who are on YouTube. If you’re addicted to YouTube like me, this is probably going to be your favorite way in discovering if a school is right for you. All you have to do is type in the school’s name in the search box and countless YouTube videos should pop up. Try to stay away from the YouTube videos made from the school as they may also be biased. Many YouTubers are so willing to share their college life with the world. If you would like to find out more information from them, just email the YouTuber or leave a comment. They are usually more than willing to share their personal experience not only getting into the college but the life there. It's important to find out if you will like it there because you might end up spending more money if you find out it isn't the right fit and have to transfer schools the next year.

Campus/Town Tour the Right Fit

If you live nearby or are willing to travel the distance, you should visit the school and see if it is the right fit. It's important to see the environment that you will be placed in once you attend a school because the extremely photogenic photos of the campus may not be as the school appears in person. Schools take the best photos they can find and send it out to advertise the school so if you get the chance, go on campus and see for yourself what the campus environment looks like. While you’re there it's important to look about the town the campus is in. Even though you may be spending a lot of time on campus, you won't be on campus 100 percent of the time. Take time to explore the neighborhood, find spots that are interesting and see if the neighborhood is safe enough for you to venture out. Lots of colleges are now letting prospective students sit in on classes, so just ask and get the chance to see if the school learns the same way you do. Your surroundings are important in your happiness as they may cause a depression if they do not live up to your standards or are not something you’re used to. So take time to explore if the campus/town is the right fit for you.

Talk the Right Fit

If you're into face to face communication, ask around and see if you know anyone who is willing to talk to you who attend the school, if you don't know someone, call the school and ask to talk to someone via webcam, tango, FaceTime, etc. Make sure before you call to have a list of questions to ask about life on campus. Sometimes, one on one talking is better because you will be able to ask more questions and get a better feel of life on campus. During the conversation, make sure to ask about life on and off campus, the people there, and the teaching styles of teachers you may encounter to see if the school is truly the right fit.

Every school is different and offers a different way of living and teaching, just make sure that these aspects all fit how you will thrive not only academically but mentally. Being away from home or just starting this new journey in life is already difficult enough, so finding the best fit school will take at least some of the pressure away.