How to Get Scholarships Faster and Easier


One of my least favorite things about applying for scholarships is the lingering thought that I am competing with so many other people for the scholarship. This always makes me anxious and dread applying. Recently, I’ve stumbled across my savior:, a website that works with colleges to give students micro-scholarships. There’s no competition or hard work involved! is the easiest way I have ever earned money for college. Here’s the run down on and how to start getting scholarships! 

What Is A Micro Scholarship?

A micro-scholarship is a small scholarship awarded for personal achievements. All you need to do is input data about your high school career, and will provide this data to schools that will give you micro-scholarships. Most of the scholarships offered on are smaller because they are for smaller achievements, like an A in a class. Even though $100 scholarships might not sound like a lot, everything adds up to thousands! Plus, every penny counts when it comes to paying for college. There are plenty of students who have amassed upwards of $5,000 in micro scholarships through Personally, I have earned $40,000 so far to Syracuse University, which I never thought would be possible! There are so many success stories from of students receiving scholarships ranging from $1000 to $80000. Be sure to keep in mind that all of this depends on your grades and extracurricular activities. The more you achieve, the more you earn; money becomes a huge motivator!


Which Colleges Use

Colleges ranging from large to small are partnered with In fact, I found while looking for merit scholarships for Northeastern University, a fairly large private school with a tuition of about $47,000. Other schools all across the nation are offering micro-scholarships. Some popular ones are Syracuse University, Northeastern University, and Georgia Tech. All these colleges will also provide financial aid on top of the micro scholarships! It’s definitely worth checking whether the schools you’ve applied to or are planning to apply to work with

What can I earn Micro Scholarships For? has appealed to so many students because of how simple it is to earn micro-scholarships. Each college awards different amounts of money for different achievements. Some of the basic micro scholarships most schools offer are for grades. Over 100 colleges offer micro scholarships for each A you earned in a class. You can even get hundreds of dollars for having perfect attendance, taking AP or IB classes, and honors courses.

One of the bigger selling points of is the micro scholarships offered for non-academic activities. Colleges give micro scholarships for taking leadership positions, volunteering, working, and participating in sports. This is really helpful for disadvantaged students who take care of a family member at home or work a job to help support the family. These responsibilities are hardly recognized, yet helps these students. Furthermore, adds more reward to serving the community by awarding scholarships for it. The ethics of the brand is something I am happy to support. It provides students with so many different opportunities. All students are bound to find multiple things they can earn some scholarships for!


How am I Awarded the Money? works directly with colleges to help you get your scholarships. It is important to know that everything you input on the website will be checked by the college that is providing you with the scholarship. The scholarship will come in the form of a discount on tuition, as does the typical scholarship. automatically submits your information to all the colleges you select before the deadline so you will not have to submit anything yourself. This makes the whole process very hassle-free! With all this info under your belt, I highly encourage everybody to head over to It really is as easy as making an account and filling in some information about your achievements. Best of all, this whole program is completely free. is growing, and it will be changing the scholarship game in the years to come. Become a part of it!