The 5 Best Colleges for the Public Health Major


The Public Health major entitles to learning about the prevention of disease and to promote health on different scales. This could include a small-scale such as a community, or a global scale such as different countries around the world. There are many schools that offer this major, but here are the 5 best colleges for the Public Health Major. john_hop.png

Best Public Health College #1 - Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is one of the top universities in the nation because of their high-caliber programs including Public Health. Along with their Public Health major, they also highly commended on their medical programs. Their Public Health major allows for students to understand the role of Public Health in today’s society by combining science, policy, economics, and ethics.

This allows students to become experts in the world of Public Health which can lead to many opportunities that the school also offers. Johns Hopkins requires for students completing a Public Health degree to complete 80 hours of Applied Experience. The Applied Experience requirement allows for students to complete hands-on experience with public health professionals which can lead to internships and jobs outside of the major.

Students can also choose to apply for the BA/Master’s program to be able to receive both degrees in a minimum of five to six years. The study abroad program is a popular choice among students as this gives them the opportunity to apply their experience in areas such as Cape Town and Uganda. Overall, with a number of opportunities and the high caliber curriculum that the school has to offer, Johns Hopkins tops the list as the number one Public Health school.

Best Public Health College #2 - University of Washington - Seattle

The University of Washington - Seattle has one of the most renown Public Health programs in the nation because of the dedication of the School of Public Health at UW where students can earn undergraduate degrees as well as graduate. For undergraduate programs, there are two paths that students can take: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS). Students who choose the BA path focus on health economics, health promotion and social justice while the BS major take a more science and mathematics view.

The university provides an ample amount of opportunities for students to thrive with internships, research, and study abroad programs. UW’s extensive Public Health major tops the list at number two.


Best Public Health College #3 - University of Southern California

At number three is the University of Southern California. At USC, the Public Health major is not an actual named major, but there are several majors fall under the Public Health field. Programs include the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies major and the Global Health Studies major.

The Global Health Studies major studies the public health and policy on a global scale while the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies major consists of the sociocultural, behavioral, psychological, and biological factors that contribute to health and wellness. Both of these programs are great for students interested in the health field as it allows for students to study the sciences as well as courses in Health Promotion and International Relations depending on which program is chosen.

Best Public Health College #4 - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as become one of the most well-known universities in terms of their academics as well as their athletics. Their Public Health program is no exception as it tops this list at number four. The Public Health major under Health Policy and Management explores health promotion & disease prevention, health care reform, and global health.

One of the benefits of the program is its small tight-knit environment to create a supportive learning program. This allows for students and staff to thrive and succeed. The program at UNC ranks it at number four with the strength of its curriculum and continuing research.


Best Public Health College #5 - University of California - Berkeley

Coming in at number five is the University of California at Berkeley. The Public Health undergraduate major allows for students to be educated on preventing disease, protecting the public from harm, and promoting health throughout on different levels which include the state, the nation, and the world. Berkeley provides students with a foundation in the natural and social sciences with concentrations in the public health field.

Berkeley has also been known to be one of the most prestigious public universities in the nation in regards to their excelling academics at a public university price which is the reason why it ranks at number five. Some of the downsides of their program include their capped capacity which entitles for the program to reject qualified applications due to the space that the program has.