5 Fool Proof Ways to Stay Motivated to Study


If you’re like me, finding the motivation to study can be hard. The slightest, most irrelevant thing can distract you, and unlike the general population that can just sit down and instantly get to studying, you need that extra push. This article is filled with tips and tricks to motivate you to stop watching the paint dry and sit down and finally get to studying.

Have a Designated Area

At the start of every year, you should designate a certain place where you will do your homework or study for the year. Whether it’s at your desk, your bed, or even your closet, having that special place that you know where you can do your homework efficiently without the noise is important. This will help you work faster and study faster, and the faster we get work done, the faster we get to relax, that should be motivation enough

Keep the Area CLEAN

After you have your designated area to study, the next step into finding the motivation to study all year is to keep the area CLEAN. I know it can be hard, especially for a high school student, but when you’re going to study, if your study area is untidy and looks like a hurricane came and threw all your laundry on your desk, you're immediately turned off in your study mode. You may just find another spot to study which can lead to distraction in a new study environment, or you may just clean it up before studying, in which you may then either get distracted by new objects you’ve found that you never knew you had or get tired from all that work and just decide to relax rather than study.


Now that you have your area situated, it’s time for the hard part which is finding the time to sit down and study. The best way to do that is to schedule your study time hours, days, or even weeks if you have to, head of time. By doing this you can better prepare your mind in advance for what you are about to do and schedule your events, activities, and leisure time around it. If you’re having trouble sticking to the schedule you can set alarms on your phone to alert you. If your defiant and just turn the alarm off, there are apps and computer software (for instance the Unplug and Reconnect app) that you can just download onto your computer which will make it inaccessible via the internet at a certain set time of your desire.

Use A Stopwatch

Now, if you’re like me, you want to get this studying thing over with as soon as possible. The best thing to do is plan ahead how long it will take you approximately to study for any given class, I personally study 30 mins for an honors/regular class and an hour for an AP class. The best way to keep on schedule is to maybe download the many homework apps (I suggest the 30/30 app), that time how long you study per subject, an alarm will go off at the end of the first studying session, signaling you to move on to either your homework or to the next subject.

Plan and Write It Down!

Even though this goes without saying, don’t forget to write down test days, if you’re the kind that likes to physically write it down, buy a planner. If you’re like me and you’re on your phone 24 hours a day and it’s your best friend, try downloading the many planner apps in the app store, I personally use the “MyHomework” app, available in the App Store. Trust me, the worst feeling in the world is walking into class, only find out there’s a test on a subject you know nothing, but the name of. The first step to success in studying is actually remembering the date in which you need to study for.

Do What Works For You

Maybe these tips helped and maybe they didn’t. In reality, you need to find what works best for you, even if it’s hanging upside down and jamming to your favorite song as you recite all bones in the human body. Just make sure you get the work in so that you can finally have time to yourself so you can listen to the new Nicki Minaj song or just sleep, it’s up to you.