How to Ask for Help When You Are Struggling in School


Option for who/where to ask for help when you are struggling with a certain topic, situation, or class.

“You can do anything but not everything” -David Allen

Asking for help can be hard for many reasons. We are admitting that we aren’t perfect and for some who always understood everything in school, asking for help is quite difficult.  That fear of being seen vulnerable can cause us to think that we may are stupid or give us a sense that people have lost respect for us. But asking for help is a necessary life lesson.  Help is always available even though you may feel like there is no one around. Asking for help is the first step toward progress.

1. Accept it and you will receive it

The first step of getting help is accepting that you need it. This is always the hardest part for most us. For a student who has never needs to ask for help suddenly realizing that they are struggling, it’s debilitating. However, you have to swallow your pride because without accepting that you can’t do it on your own, you will go nowhere. When you are not moving forward, the feeling of frustration and torturing yourself for hours is a worse feeling than just going forward and finding someone who can assist you.

2.What do you need?

Now that you’ve admitted that you need help, the next step is to determine what exactly you need help with. This will help you in finding the right person to help you. When you determine where the issue is, it become a lot easier to find someone to help as well as easier to communicate to this person where you need help. One way to accomplish this is by creating a list of things you need help with in order of desperation: the most important to the least important. Next to your problem, list the people you know that could assist you and how they can assist you with your problem. This makes it easier to approach them and get straight to the point so that they can help you quicker.


3.Find Someone

The next step is finding someone to help you. As mention above, when you have a plan of attack; what you need help on, why you need help, and why that person can help you; it will be a lot easier to find someone. Asking for help from your friend and family is a lot easier than a professional because its common amongst people you know understand you. However, in situations you feel as though need professional help, seek out someone you know if qualified to help. In a class you are struggling in, a teacher or tutor can be helpful. If you are chronically unhappy, seeking out the help of a counselor or a doctor can provide you with an answer. Professionals, our friends, and family, they exist to help you.



Thanking your helper is the last step to receiving help. You don’t always have to give them a gift but simply helping them is a good sign of faith. Telling them how much you appreciated their help means that in the future, they will be willing to help you again. They may even come back and ask you for help in the future.

I hope these tips will help you out these upcoming years. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions. And as always make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.