How I Spent My First Month of College at USC 


1. Moving in and decorating my side of the dorm room

I really wanted to make my dorm as comfortable and reflective of my personality as possible so I went all out on my decorations.

Watch my College Dorm Haul here and Move In Day Vlog here.

2. Participating in Welcome Week activities

After moving in on August 15, freshman participated in a week of programs and activities to get accomidated to living at USC. The residents of Birnkrant Residential College went on a trip to a Los Angeles Angels baseball game to kick off the week.

Welcome week also included an activities fair, social events, and more fun things to fill our schedules.

3. Meeting the man in charge

USC president, Max Nikias, came by the honors residential college to take photos with us. 

4. Going to Santa Monica Beach...twice

One of my favorite places is the beach and me and a few girls on my floor took advantage of the beautiful Santa Monica. We sunbathed, ate cheeseburgers and shakes at Pier Burger, and went shopping.

5. Seeing amazing performers on campus

Visions and Voices is an on campus arts initiative that brings famous arts performers to campus. Events are free for all students. At their kick off events I was able to see Javon Johnson, a spoken word poet, and take pictures with him after the event.

6. Seeing Mike Will Made-It live right outside my dorm

Every year the USC concert committee throws a welcome back concert, free to all students. There was a surprise appearance from Jerimih and other collaboratives with Mike Will.

7. Attending events for organizations I care about

During the first month of college you spend A LOT of time going to club meetings and figuring out how you want to spend your time in college. Here I am pictured at a reception for the Black Alumni Association.

8. Attending the Kicks film screening before it released in theaters 

Kicks is a feature film that was just released in September 2016. It won awards at the TriBeCa Film Fest and other film festivals. I got to see the film before it hit theaters and have conversation with the director, Justin Tipping, and two actors from the film.

9. Purchasing a cruiser to get around campus 

A large portion of USC students use bikes, skateboards, penny boards, and long boards, to get around campus. I decided to join the bandwagon and get a bright yellow cruiser.

10. Attending my first game at the Colesium

We played the Utah Aggies and beat them big time! The game was at 11am so it was extremely hot in the stadium. However, fans, alumni, and students were still all around campus tailgating at 6AM. Tons of free food, souvenirs, and good times.

11. Listening to the Young Turks during their on campus live show

The Young Turks produce a show for Fusion based on political topics that Milleneals care about. They are currently traveling across the country visiting college campuses to see what issues students care about. Watch the show they recorded at USC Annenberg here and look for me in the audience!

12. Utilizing my unlimited dining hall swipes to eat icecream every single day without shame

There is no better way to finish the day off than with a cone! (Don't worry it is froyo.)