Welcome to the You Got Into Where? Podcast | EP. 001


Show Notes:

In this episode, I discuss my college admissions story and how I received over $500,000 in scholarship offers. I also explain why I created the You Got Into Where? podcast and what to expect in future episodes.

Meet Your Host, Joi Wade

Joi Wade is a college admissions coach and author of “You Got Into Where?: How I received Admission and Scholarships to the Nation’s Top Universities.” She helps ambitious high school students channel their academic and extracurricular success into college admission and scholarships. After over $500,000 in scholarship offers and coach for thousands of high school students, Joi currently is creating useful resources for high school students interested in going to college at yougotintowhere.com. In addition to her YouTube channel of over 75,000 subscribers, she is also a student at the University of Southern California. Find Joi on Twitter and Instagram @yougotintowhere.

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