5 Things to Do After a Stressful Day/Week

Everybody in today's society mutters this sentence at least once a day or week "I'm stressed." Sometimes when the opportunity presents its self to de-stress, you are so used to being filled with stress, you don't have the slightest idea how to relax. Here are five things to do after a stressful day/week

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Tips and Tricks: High School Life Hacks


High school is hard. Point blank.We have to wake up early, go to school all day, and then go home and study. None of these things are particularly easy; however, there are a few things that may change that. Here are a few life hacks that can make high school a bit less of a struggle. Having trouble getting up in the morning for school?


Hack #1: Use Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app for Apple and Android that serves as an alarm clock and a sleep tracker. Basically, how it works is you set an alarm on the app and it tracks your sleep, which then allows it to wake you up in your lightest phase of sleep, enabling you to feel more awake and refreshed in the morning. For example, I set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. and place my phone on my bedside table. It tracks my sleep and will wake me up any time between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. when I am in my lightest phase of sleep.

At first, I was a bit skeptical of this app. How could I be more awake waking up at 5:30 than if I slept for an extra 30 minutes and woke up at 6:00? It describes it best on the app, but basically you will be more refreshed if you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, rather than in the middle of one. By using this app, you will definitely have an easier time getting up early during the school week!


Hack #2: Use sleepyti.me

If Sleep Cycle isn’t your thing, try using the website sleepyti.me (http://sleepyti.me). This website allows you to enter the time that you need to wake up, and it then suggest optimal times for you to fall asleep in order to wake up the most refreshed. Similarly to Sleep Cycle, this website is based on the idea that you will be most refreshed if you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, rather than in the middle. This website is perfect if you still want to use a conventional alarm clock, but still need help feeling more rested in the mornings.

Have a difficult time focusing in class?

Hack #3: Chew Mint Gum

Chewing mint gum or eating mints while you’re in class has been scientifically proven to increase memory and focus. Basically, the scent of mint increases blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in the blood, which ultimately allows more blood to go to your brain, resulting in increased focus and memory. A more natural alternative to gum or mints is peppermint essential oil. This will serve the same basic purpose as mints or gum if you simply put the essential oil on different pressure points on your body before school, so you can smell the peppermint throughout the day.

Have a difficult time focusing while studying?

Hack #4: Try the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a technique that was invented to prevent burnout and increase productivity. The basic structure of this method is that you work for fifteen minutes at a time, taking five minutes breaks in between the fifteen-minute work periods. You would then repeat this until you’re done with your task. However, you can adapt this to fit your best interest. I personally like to work in one-hour chunks, taking fifteen to twenty minute breaks in between. Go to http://pomodorotechnique.com/get-started/ for more information about the Pomodoro Technique.


Hack #5: Study in a Different Way

Look at the way you’re studying and consider why you can’t focus. If the reason is because you’re bored, consider using a different method to study. Textbooks and notes aren’t the best or most interesting way to study, which is probably why it is difficult to focus. However, there are different ways to study, such as using mind maps, graphic organizers, or even just writing in a different color pen. This will create diversity and interest, which should make it easier to focus. Now go and conquer high school!



How to Stay Healthy in High School


“Being HEALTHY and FIT isn’t a FAD or TREND, it’s a LIFESTYLE.”-Unknown The start of the school year doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that toned summer body you worked so hard for. You know it’s important to maintain your healthy lifestyle, but the obligations that come with school can get in the way of your fitness routine. With loads of classwork, limited and disgusting (in my opinion) lunch menu items, clubs, and a social life; who has time to work out and eat healthy? Girl. Don’t worry. I’m here to give you five ways to keep (or get) that bangin’ body, which can be not-so-common with our typical ramen diet.

1. Cold Lunch

Remember when everyone used to bring cold lunches? You’d show off your brand-new lunchbox and the awesome food mom or dad packed for you. Now, everyone gets cafeteria lunch. I don’t know about you, but I think cafeteria food is something out of this world- and not in a good way. Bringing your own lunch is a healthier option because you have control over what you eat. The night before your school day, cook a meal with healthy amounts of protein, carbs, and calories. Put the meals in a container and bring them with you throughout the weak. Along with that, make sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack instead of processed foods such as cookies or chips. Drink water as a substitute for milk, juice, or soda. Options you can make quickly and easily include: brown rice, quinoa, chicken, turkey, and beans.


2. Time for Exercise!

With the busy schedule of a high schooler, fitting exercise in seems impossible.However, it’s recommended that adolescents get up 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity activity each day. Going to the gym isn’t your only option. Joining a sport is an excellent way to get the exercise you need. If a sport isn’t an option, at-home workouts are a good option for those who find it awkward working out in public (like me). However, if that isn’t an option, a jog or brisk walk around a local park- or even just your block- is a way to burn some calories and to keep your metabolism working hard. For extra motivation, recruit a friend to join!


3. Sleep!!!!

Sleep is essential for adolescents. It promotes growths in addition to helping with proper brain function. They say that as teenagers, you need 8 hours of sleep, however studies have shown that 10 hours is the amount teenagers need able to perform well during the school day. Without proper sleep, your academic performance can be greatly affected and it could be a detriment to your overall health. Be sure to create a regimented sleep schedule- and commit to it. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day is a great way to train your body to get better sleep.


4. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Peer Pressure is a real thing. People will tell you that “everyone does it” and all the popular kids do it, and that may be true, but not everyone does drugs, and those who do aren’t necessarily people you want to be around. Drugs are highly addictive and can have severe negative consequences.

If you feel pressured into taking drugs, let your friends know that you’re not comfortable with it. Try talking to an adult you trust if you feel as though they aren’t backing down or you feel you really can’t avoid the temptation. Pursuing a healthy and drug-free life gives you a chance to enjoy life as well as build healthy bonds. I hope these tips will help you out these upcoming year. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions. And as always make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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